I'll follow him in faith
(Friend Jan. 2003)

To teach “I’ll Follow Him in Faith” (Friend, Jan. 2003, 24–25), begin by teaching the melody.

Sing the song for the children.

Invite them to stand and “follow in faith” by marching in place to the 4/4 beat as you sing it again.

Have the children hum the melody with you while they are still standing and marching.

Point out that the melody is repeated within the verse except for in the last two measures of the sections.
Post a picture of the Savior on the board facedown and cover it with pictures from the GAK or Primary packets that illustrate the concepts in each line of the song.
Pick four pictures for each verse such as

Verse two might include

Teach the words to the song by singing the first verse to the children.
Invite them to listen to the words as they look at the pictures on the board and decide which picture illustrates each phrase in the verse.
Tell them that there are no wrong choices.

Sing the first half of the first verse and ask the children to do three things:

  1. listen for a blessing from the Lord,
  2. listen for something “I will” do, and
  3. identify the pictures that illustrate the words. Take responses.

Remove the pictures and place them in order on the board.

Sing that much of the song together several times. Tell the children that as they learn the song, the pictures on the board will be removed and put in order until you can turn over the “surprise” picture underneath.

Continue learning each section of the song. Turn over the picture of Christ and use it as a visual aid to teach the second ending.