When I am baptized
by  Nancy Wells
When teaching the 1st verse of "When I Am Baptized" I plan to hold up a baptismal dress and tell the children how I felt when I was baptized.
There will already be a large rainbow on the wall behind me.
I will sing the song through and show them how the first line of the song forms a rainbow with the melody.
There will be key words or phrases to the song hidden under their chairs and I will ask them to find them:
  a.. rainbows
  b.. ponder
  c.. clean again
  d.. earth right after rain
  e.. best
  f.. live with God
Then I will have them listen again to the song as I sing it. They will need to decide the order of the words.
After they place the words/phrases on the rainbow, I will sing the song through again to see if all the words are in the correct order.
We will change any that need changing and listen to check again.
Then I will have them sing it with me one line at a time.