Easter: Greatest Treasure
(by Melanie Edwards, Sherman Oaks, CA)
I am doing a take off on the "Greatest Treasure"  Idea.
9 large circles cut from gold cardstock with letters T, E, S, T, I, M, O, N, Y (one letter per circle)
Word Strips:
The Only Begotten Son of Heavenly Father
Example of how to live
Suffered for my sins
Taught the Gospel
Infinite love for me
Many Prophets have testified of Jesus
Organized and leads His Church
Nailed to the Cross and died for me
YAY!!  He Lives Again  (Resurrected)
GAK Pictures
240 Jesus the Christ
241 The Annunciation
208 John the Baptist baptizing Jesus
227 Gesthemane
212 Sermon on the Mount
608 Christ & the Children
113 Isaiah writes of Christ's Birth
403 The First Vision
230 The Crucifixion
239 Resurrected Jesus
Chocolate coins (they had large bags of these at the 99cent store)
Tuille circles  (in the bridal section of Michaels)
small tag that says "A Testimony of Jesus Christ is MY greatest treasure."
Put 3 or 4 gold coins in the tuille circle, tie with string, yarn, etc. attaching tag.  (So they coins are like they are in a little pouch).
Attach word strips to the corresponding "coin" (I accordian folded them so the word strip was hidden behind the "coin" until it was picked).  I also placed magnetic strip on the top of the coin and on one or two points along the word strip so they can be placed on the blackboard.



I have a medium sized box that is shaped like a treasure chest.  (You could also use a basket or a dish, whatever you have.)  As I show the treasure chest filled with gold coins,  I will ask:  What would you do if you found a treasure?

Would you want to share your treasure?
Well, I have a treasure that is more valuable than gold, or diamonds, or money and I want to share it with you.  

Show picture 240.  My treasure is my testimony of Jesus Christ.  As I have learned about Jesus Christ the Spirit has helped my testimony to grow.  
My testimony of Jesus Christ makes me feel good inside, it makes me feel peaceful, it makes me want to live like His example, and it makes me happy when I share my testimony with others.

Would one of you like to come up and pick one of my "golden coins"
My first coin has a T on it.   The T stands for:  (pull out the wordstrip).  The only begotten...
explain what that means.  
Show GAK #241
Sing:  He Sent His Son
(NOTE:  Show the corresponding picture and give a brief explanation with each letter.  Then sing the song.)
The next coin has an E on it.  The E stands for ...
Sing:  When Jesus Christ was Baptized
The next coin has an S on it...
Sing:  The Third Article of Faith
The Next coin has a T on is
Sing:  I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
I  -  Sing:  I Feel My Savior's Love
M  -  Sing:  I Heard the Prophet Speak Today  (from the Friend Oct 2001)
O  -  Sing:  I Belong To the Church
N  -  Sing:  It Shouldn't Be Hard
Y   -  Sing:  Easter Hosanna
You have learned many things about our Savior, Jesus Christ today.  
Let's all sing the song we have been learning.  I Believe in Christ.  
Sing:  I Believe in Christ
I have a testimony of Jesus Christ.  I know He is God's Son, that He loves me very much and that He Suffered and died for my sins.  If I repent I can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again.  This testimony helps me feel peace when even when there is trouble all around me.  I hope you will treasure your testimony.  A testimony of Jesus Christ is your most valuable treasure.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.