I believe in Christ
(by Kathy, Preston Ohio)
Here is a list of the pictures I used to make my accordian book to teach this song.
page 1:  "I believe in Christ,"  I used the cover of the August 2003 Friend, a picture of a little girl holding a picture of Christ.  I cut out around her so her mother is not in the picture.
page 2:  "He is my king,"  I had a child draw a picture of a crown.  We did one in jr, and one in sr, and then pasted them onto the page.
page 3:  "With all my heart,"  Again, I had a child in each group draw the picture of a heart, and glue it into the book.
page 4:  "To him I'll sing,"  I used a picture from the May 2003 Friend, page 4, of children singing in a church service,  enlarged some.
page 5:  "I'll raise my voice in praise and joy,"  This was a picture of a boy giving a talk taken from the June 2003 Friend, page 29.  I got behind the microphone and asked the children how it would be if I whispered a talk, to show we must raise our voices.
page 6:  "In grand amens my tongue employ,"  This picture came from the March 2003 Ensign, page 67.  It is a small picture of a family kneeling in prayer which I enlarged quite a bit.  We talked about how we say "amen" at the end of prayer, and what it means to employ our tongues.
page 7:  "I believe in Christ,"  exactly the same as page 1.
page 8:  "He is God's son,"  For this phrase I had a child in sr primary draw a picture of God, and another draw a picture of Christ.  We pasted them into the book side by side.  (We hadn't gotten this far with the jr group the first week, and they wanted to do their own drawing the next week!)
page 9:  "On earth to dwell,"  I had a child in sr. primary draw a picture of the earth.
page 10:  "His soul did come,"  This picture came from a Simon Dewey calendar from 2002.  It is a depiction of Mary helping her son Jesus, who looks to be about 3 years old, to pray.  He is kneeling at her knee.
page 11:  "He healed the sick," This picture came from the November 2003 Friend, page 45.  I read the story from the scriptures of the woman touching the hem of Christ's clothing.
page 12:  "The dead he raised,"  This picture, "Christ raising the daughter of Jairus" came from a 2005 Greg Olsen calendar.  Again, I read the story from the New Testament.
page 13:  "Good works were His,"  This is a picture of Christ at a pulpit preaching, from the 2002 Simon Dewey calandar.
page 14:  "His name be praised."  Again, from the Simon Dewey 2002 calendar, a picture of Christ emerging from the tomb.
I think any number of pictures could illustrate this song.  These were just the ones that were available and worked for me.  The key, of course, is to follow the spirit in how your present it. If you don't get all the way through the song in one day, it is nice to page through the book and give the kids a peek at the pictures you will be talking about the next week.  If YOU are excited about the pictures ("I really love this picture of...") then the kids will be also.   If there is a detail in the picture that is relevent, I point it out, like the expression on a face.

This is how to make a accordian book:

Use 1/2 as many pieces of posterboard as you have phrases in a song to illustrate.  I like the prepackaged 11" x 14" ones for
this.  You could cut your own, just make sure they are exactly the same size.  Place the posterboards side by side with sides touching, and tape them together vertically along the seam on both the front and the back. 

Use a tape stronger than scotch tape.  Fold this asssembly accordian style. Glue your illustrations on each panel.  When you get to the last board, turn the page and continue on the backs of the boards. Now you have your book.

As you stand in front of your primary, it is easy to hold the accordian book and turn the pages just like a large regular book as you sing a song.  Even a child can hold it and turn the pages.  Additionally,  you can stretch the book out horizontally and see the illustrations for half of the verse all at once