“I will honor my parents and do my part to strengthen my family”
Friend April 2005, suggestion # 3

For older children:

Many of the prophets in the Book of Mormon were good examples of honoring parents and strengthening family.

Divide children into six groups, and give each group one of the following scripture references and a word cut up into letters:

  1. obedience, 1 Nephi 3:2–8;
  2. prayer, Enos 1:4–5;
  3. work, Mosiah 6:7;
  4. repentance, Mosiah 27:8–14, 32;
  5. faith, Alma 53:18–22, ; 56:44–48;
  6. scriptures, Mormon 8:1–5.

Have each group read the story in the scripture reference, unscramble the word to identify the principle taught and lived by parents and children, and decide how to honor parents by living the principle today.

Invite each group to share briefly the scripture story and application.

Sing songs from Children's Songbook to reinforce these principles.