Jesus Christ atoned for my sins.
I can repent and live with Him and Heavenly Father again

 (Friend March 2005, suggestion # 2)

Review the third article of faith with the children.
Help them understand the words atonement and laws and ordinances.
Explain that we remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ when we take the sacrament each week.
The sacrament is an ordinance.

GAK 225 (The Last Supper).

Show GAK 315 (Christ Appears to the Nephites).

Show GAK 604 or some sacrament bread and water trays.

One way to remember Jesus during the sacrament is to think about the stories we know about Him.

Have the children sit in a circle.

  1. Choose several pictures from the GAK that depict stories from the life of Jesus.
  2. Put them facedown in a pile.
  3. Pass a beanbag or an appropriate object around the circle while the pianist plays "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" (p. 57).
  4. When the music stops, have the child with the beanbag choose a picture from the pile.
  5. The child can either tell the story or choose one or two other children to help him or her role-play the story.
  6. Give help as necessary, and repeat as time permits.