Jesus Christ organized His Church when He lived on the earth
(Friend March 2005, suggestion # 3)

Post the sixth article of faith, and recite it or sing it (p. 126) with the children.

Explain the meaning of Primitive Church (the Church of Jesus Christ when He was on the earth).

Help the children memorize the sixth article of faith (see TNGC, 171–72).

On one side of the board post pictures such as the following from GAK:

On the other side of the board post:

Teach the children that Christ organized His Church when He was on the earth and gave the Apostles of His day the authority ("keys of the kingdom," or priesthood keys) to lead.

Read and discuss Matthew 16:18–19.

Post a picture of the current First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Read D&C 107:18 aloud, and teach the children that prophets and apostles are given the same authority (keys) today.

Prepare five key-shaped papers with one of the following scripture references on them:

  1. D&C 20:72–74;
  2. Matthew 4:23;
  3. Luke 2:46–49;
  4. D&C 84:64–70;
  5. Matthew 28:19–20.

Divide into five groups, and give one key to each group.

For younger children:
Teach about priesthood authority using the picture activity. Reinforce the principles by singing appropriate songs from the Children's Songbook