Jesus Christ taught the gospel and set the example by the way He lived
(Friend March 2005, suggestion # 1)

In advance, ask three or four ward or branch members to come prepared to teach a scriptural story about the example of Jesus and to tell how they have applied His example in their lives.

Using GAK:

teach the children that one of the reasons Jesus came to earth was to teach the gospel and set an example for us.
Post the pictures on the wall.

Explain the meaning of the word example, and sing "Do As I'm Doing" (p. 276).

Introduce the ward or branch members, and ask them to tell their stories.
Invite the participants to use pictures and post them on the wall as they teach.

Give the children footprint-shaped pieces of paper.
Have them draw or write one way they can follow the example of Jesus and then sign their names on the reverse side.
Post the footprints on the wall in a path leading to the pictures of Christ.

Sing "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (pp. 78–79).