Music and Scripture notes from the Open House
(notes by Staci Langford)
I've included the songs used and the techniques taught.
In almost every song, there was so kind of action, or the second, third or fourth verses of songs were used to teach gospel principles.



Music leader = Gospel doctrine teacher for children

Want the children to feel welcome, safe and loved
Teach children to sing out with confidence
Sacrament Meeting Program: 


Teach Me to Walk
Watch me as we "ooh" "ahh" and "hmm"            (sign sounds with hands) 
Oooh, Ahh, Hmm
I Will Follow God’s Plan for Me
Object Phrase in song
Scriptures I will follow God’s plan for me
Stick  - both hands ‘holding” stick Holding fast to his word and his love
Work – act out shoveling I will work and
Pray   - fold arms to pray I will pray
Walk  - act out walking I will always walk in His way
Happy – child smiles  Then I will be happy
Earth – make a circle with arms on earth
Home Above – raise arm above head And in my home above
Pitch Lead
Point out words in phrase: “Heavenly Father now I pray”
Sing line (point to self)
(point to children) have them repeat the same line you just sang


I’ll Follow Him in Faith
  1. Listen to the melody (singing lo, lo, lo in place of words)
  2. Feel the crescendo with hands
  3. Help crescendo push off and swell
  4. Now listen to the words:
    Who is this song about?
    Who is Him?
    Who are we singing about?
Then pictures were used to teach each phrase
Picture Phrase in Song:
Christ in red robe The Lord has blessed me
Scriptures With gospel truths
What has the Lord blessed me with?
Baptism: I have learned these truths in my eearly youth
We learn in our youth to be baptized
Flash light ~ pointing on person next to them
I will share my light for I know it’s right
When we are baptized we have something wonderful to share. We want to share that light with a friend
Friend having a light shone on them


Missionaries ~ Teaching the gospel
To testify of Him
Christ ~ in red robe
The chorister can help prepare the boys to share music at the Priesthood Preview
“On My Honor”
  1. BEAT - use fist to mark  each beat
  2. COUNT three ways men of the world uses to get their power
    a. Rank
    b. Wealth
    c. Sword
  3. CLIMB
    Last part of song, with the music, use your hand to go up and over peaks
    “See how we jumped the mountaintop, in the last three beats, we then went to a valley and ended with a plateau.”
Help children become more apart of songs
Welcome Song: 
Some children will not be recognized in primary for knowing all the words and scriptures, but they will be recognized for their birthday.
Birthday Song:

Music and Sharing Time Integration = we sing about what we teach about
Focus on things that will build our faith in Christ, family and scriptures

Sharing Time word search
1.      Find the word prayer on our word search 
2.      Pick out a picture of prayer 
3.      Sing song (on back of picture) that corresponds with prayer
o       Involve action into the song
o       I Pray in Faith
a.      Count steps to prayer with hands, “1, 2, 3, 4”
b.      Sing in a round – use two music leaders and have one count out four steps to prayer
4.      What can we do to show our faith?
b.      Pay tithing 
c.       Sing a song on tithing
Anytime we sing the word “tenth” hold up your hands and the tenth person in each row stands up

Music is encouraged in classes and nursery

4.      *WIGGLE BUGS* Gloves with big multi-colored pom pons on fingers
5.      I Wiggle song with actions
            “…I can be still” arms straight out at side
            “…as still as can be” fold arms ready for prayer

Use sign language as a way to bear testimony

“Choose the Right”
After teaching children the sign language, use signs as you bear testimony
 “I know when we choose the right (do the sign), we will…”
Teach and show children how to lead a song
Example: Called to Serve

Make up actions or some “activity” out of each song
Sing the second, third or fourth verse of the song instead of the first
Encourage involving the music leader in class presentations

Older children – learn best by concrete examples
Give children an opportunity to identify with scripture heroes.
Example: “Stand” in Joseph Smith’s boots
Sing a song 
  1. Use music and the scriptures
  2. Piano plays as scripture is read
  3. As a group, the song was re-played and the children sang it together
  4. Sing our testimony of the scriptures
  5. Have children close their eyes as scripture passage is read
Break into small pieces:
            “And I have sent forth
            “…the fullness of my gospel
            “…by the hand of my servant Joseph
Help children MARK important passages
Look at memorizing in front of the manual and in TNGC
Using word strips, read scripture while others put word strips in order.
Continue memorizing by taking away word strips
Read scripture aloud all together or as a class, small group, etc.
VARIATION: Each child reads one word of scripture. 
You’ll have their attention. Then say scripture all together

Also, they used a glove (their example was the Joseph Smith story) and had five different pictures on each finger.