My family can be together forever through the blessings of the temple
Friend April 2005, suggestion # 4
  • Teach the children about the Kirtland Temple using GAK 500 (Kirtland Temple). See "First Latter-day Temple," Friend, Apr. 2002, 36–37.
  • Teach about the coming of Elijah to the Kirtland Temple and the restoration of sealing power using GAK 417 (Elijah Restores the Power to Seal Families for Eternity) and the information on the back of the picture.
  • Sing "The Hearts of the Children" (pp. 92–93), and have the children listen for the blessing of Elijah in the last phrase of the song ("families can be sealed for eternity").
    What does it mean to "be sealed"? Where and how are we "sealed" today?
  • Show a picture of a temple near you, and explain that when we are married in the temple and keep the promises we make there, we can live together as families in heaven after we die.
  • Sing the first verse of "Families Can Be Together Forever" (p. 188). The last two phrases of the chorus tell us that "the Lord has shown me how I can" (be with my family forever).
  • Sing the second verse, and ask the children to listen for what they can do now to have their family forever ("While I am in my early years, I'll prepare most carefully").
  • Show the My Gospel Standards poster, and ask the children why it includes a picture of the temple.
  • Ask the children to be thinking as you tell the story in your own words of "Stewart, a Commandment Keeper, Too" (Friend, Jan. 2002, 4–6).
  • Review My Gospel Standards, and teach that as we live them now, we will be worthy to attend the temple when we are older.

Give each child a piece of paper divided in half with a line.
Have the children draw a picture of themselves living one of the gospel standards on one half of the paper and a picture of themselves at the temple on the other half.
Make a collage of the pictures for the Primary room, or have each child take his or her picture to share and post at home.

Bear your testimony of the blessing of eternal families.








Week 1:
Heavenly Father planned for me to come to a family
Week 2:
I can learn to live the gospel in my home
Week 3:
“I will honor my parents and do my part to strengthen my family”
Week 4:
My family can be together forever through the blessings of the temple