Walking in the Shoes
(by Mary Mullenbach)

As they (the children) walked into the gym, each child was given a paper bag to decorate and a sticker to indicate which group he would be in. 
When everyone had arrived we divided into three groups. 
We are using the "Shoe" idea to enhance the theme this year, and that was the day's theme.

Group One went to a room to hear stories about "Walking in the Shoes of a Pioneer". 
They sat around a lantern and heard pioneer stories, then decorated a little wooden shoe cut-out we found at Michael's craft store.

Group Two went to a room to learn about "Walking in the Shoes of Your Teacher". 
Our PP had taken pictures earlier of each teacher and presidency member, and collected a short story on each. 
It could have been any story, something about their childhood, a faith promoting story, anything. 
Then they tried to match the story to the teacher.

Group Three came to my room to learn about "Walking in the Footsteps of a Prophet". 
I found Prophet BINGO (8 seperate cards) on www.about.com and excellent tidbits on their lives. 
I read the clues and they got to put a skittle on as a marker.

At the end we gathered together for muffins, juice, and Fruit By the Foot.

We did some relay races,and then things got a little crazy while we waited for parents. 
We'll have to remember to have a quiet ending activity next time.