Music Workshop
notes by Nancy Fuller
The whole workshop they stressed the importance of using music in sharing times, music times classrooms etc.
Children will remember only 10 percent of what they are told
They will remember 40 percent if you add a story to what you are teaching
They will remember 60 percent if you add a story and a picture
But they will remember 90 percent if you have a story a picture and followed by music! They stressed that each principle that we are trying to teach should be followed by a song that will testify of what you have taught.

They stressed cutting down in elaborate visual aids. "You are your best visual aid"
"The children should not leave thinking how wonderful the teacher is, but rather how wonderful the gospel is."

Music should be used in opening excercises.
During the prelude the chorister could have the children reverently oo, ah, and hum the music while the pianist is playing.
A prayer song is to be used before opening and closing prayer. If you use one prayer song per month. By the end of the year you will have learned 12 new songs!
When you see visitors in your primary you should sing a welcome song such as "We welcome you to primary" etc.
Each week you should recognize the birthday children with a song. "There will be some children in your primary that may not ever be recognized for being the most talented, smartest or best, , but each child has a birthday and should be recognized on their birthday."

Don't use word charts or pass out books. Instead use different techniques. listening and echoeing back, Ask a question that can be answered with the words of a song. Sing the song to the children and see if the children can hear the answer to the question.

use pictures from the GAK and key words and props or actions to go along with the words. If there is a word that is repeated often have the children stand or sit each time they hear the word.
They used a word find with words that teach faith. Each time they found a word they sang a song the corresponded with the words.

A new song, They had the words with magnets on the board with the words scrambled up. We sang the song while another "child" tried to put the words in the correct order. We kept singing until the words were correct.

Use music spontaneously. If you have just taught a principle of the gospel, have the children think of a primary song that we could sing that teaches what we just learned about.

Music should be used in classtime to reinforce what was taught.

Music should be used in the nursery.

Music should be used in scouting and FIG activity days.

Use Sign language or actions with the words.
Use wiggle songs
Teach the children to conduct music.

And always bear testimony of what you have just sang about.

Music people should be invited periodically to primary presidency meeting.

For the CSMP they said, "You are not taking primary to sacrament meeting, you are taking the children to sacrament meeting to testify of the truths taught in primary."
when planning the CSMP you are to think like a bishop and not a roadshow director. You are not to think who would be the best person for this part and where can I get a fog machine? But rather, how can I invite the spirit to the meeting, and make sure pure doctrine is being taught.