I'll follow Him in faith
Friend, Jan 2003, pg. 24
by Whitney Larson


Show a picture of the Savior and ask the children who it is.  Set it on an easel for the remainder of ST.  Tell the children that we have a special visitor today.

Ask someone ahead of time (a person who is not normally in Primary - perhaps the "other bishopric member") that you would like them to bear their testimony about the Savior.

Introduce your visitor and tell the children that you have invited this visitor to tell them briefly how he/she feels about the Savior. 
Explain that part of each person's testimony includes his feelings about Jesus. Thank your guest as soon as he is finished and invite him to leave.

Now ask:

Who was our visitor today?
How do you know that our visitor was here today?
Did ____________ (fill in with the name of a child who is absent) see our visitor today?
How could ___________ (same child) know that we had a visitor in class today?

Help the children understand that the person not present did not see the visitor here. However, if the children explained that the visitor came, the person would probably believe it. To believe in something that is real and true even though we have not seen it ourselves is to have faith.  I know that we can develop faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ even though we have not seen him in this life. (see Primary 3, Lesson 7)

I would like to teach you a song today about following our Savior in faith.
Listen while I sing the first verse to you.
(Sings song - first verse only today, second verse next week (or third week) and two weeks for review and other songs)

This time, as I sing it, you may stand and march along and even hum if you want to.  Listen, as you march, and see if you notice when the melody repeats - the melody is the music part of the song, not the words.  Listen -
sings song again, children stand and march and hum)

You hum so good!  Singing that song reminds me how important it is to
follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, in faith.  Even though I've never
seen Him, I have faith that He lives and loves me.

Presidency Member: show the children an apple seed)

Our faith is like this little seed!  It starts out small and it grows and grows until it is quite big - maybe even bigger than an apple tree!  I'm going to tell you a story that talks about how our faith can grow.

Tell the story Beginner's Faith (Friend, Jan. 1984, p.2)

I know that we can take our "Beginner's Faith" and strengthen it and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

on the board have GAPK pictures - one of the Savior (240)face DOWN and four others covering that one - face UP: 617 - Search the Scriptures ; 607 - Young Girl Speaking at Church ; 606 - Family Prayer ; 615 - Serving One Another)

I'm learning a lot about faith today!  I want to teach you some more of our song about faith.
As I sing part of the first verse, now, I want you to listen for a BLESSING from the Lord.  Listen:

"The Lord has blessed me with gospel truth.  I have learned His ways in my early youth.  I will share my light for I know it's right To testify of Him."

Now, let's sing that much TOGETHER and this time I want you to listen for something I WILL do.

(sing again)

Now, this time, as we sing together, let's see if we can find two pictures that go with the words. (617 & 607)
(sing that much together again)

Great, I'm going to move those picures down and put them in order on the board so they will remind us of the order of the song. (move the two pictures)

Let's sing that part one more time and look at the pictures that go with the words. (sing again)

That's wonderful.  I know that the Lord has blessed me with gospel truth and that helps my faith to grow.

Presidency Member:
Wow.  I feel like I am really learning our new song.  Thank you,
Sister ___________ .

I have another story for you about faith.
Tell the story of The Faith of a Sparrow (Friend, July 2000, inside
front cover).

I hope that we can have as much faith in the Lord as that sparrow had in that little girl.


I love that story.  I'm ready to teach you some more words to our song.

(Do the same thing as above section, but this time with the LAST half of the first verse - in a coming week you can do the same thing with the second verse... don't show the picture of the Savior yet, DO move  the last two pictures down in order with the other two)

Presidency Member -
For my last story today I want to tell you a story that happened to me personally.  When I was a little girl - only 7-years-old I lived in a mortuary (I probably wouldn't talk about that part to the Jr. Primary) - do any of you know what a mortuary is?  When I lived there I sometimes was frightened. (Sr. Primary loves the fact that I lived in a mortuary, Jr. Primary doesn't really need that imagery - lol)

One night my Mom & Dad had company.  They were upstairs and I was supposed to be asleep in the basement.  I started getting really scared.  I was so scared I couldn't even get out of bed and go upstairs to get my Mom.  I was so scared I couldn't even get out of bed to pray.  I really wanted my Mom and so I said a prayer right there in my bed.  I asked Heavenly Father to please, please, please have my Mom come down and check on me.  It was very late and she had already tucked me in.  After only a few minutes my Mom came downstairs and into my room.  She said that she had a feeling that I needed her.  I only had a beginner faith that night but Heavenly
Father still blessed me!

I know that if you believe in Heavenly Father and have faith in Jesus Christ you will be blessed. (testimony)

Chorister -

Let's turn over our final picture.

This is a picture of Jesus.  He has shown us the way by setting an example for us.  Let's sing the song that we have learned today. 
Let's sing it with reverence and strength to show our faith.

(sing first verse)

My testimony of faith has grown today - just like an apple tree from a seed.  I know that if we have faith in Jesus Christ we will grow in the gospel. (testimony)