When I am baptized, I covenant with Heavenly Father
to remember Jesus Christ
Friend July 2005, suggestion # 3

Ask the children what it means to make a promise. (Answer: You will do what you say you will do.)

Have them name some things they have promised to do at home (for example, help with their younger siblings).

Teach that baptism shows that we are making a promise, or covenant, with Heavenly Father.

Post the following pictures from the Primary packet on the board:

Using red and blue paper, cut out a frame for each picture.
Cut each frame into six puzzle pieces.

Divide the children into three groups. Give each group one of the scripture references and two puzzle pieces from each frame:

  1. Mosiah 18:810,
  2. Moroni 6:14,
  3. D&C 20:37.

Invite each group to look up and read the scripture reference.

On the back of the blue puzzle pieces, write down the promises we make to the Lord found in the scripture reference.
On the back of the red pieces, write the promises the Lord makes to us found in the reference.

Invite children from each group to come up and put together the blue frame around picture 111 (Boy Being Baptized).

Turn the puzzle pieces over one at a time and read the promises we make to the Lord.