When I am baptized
Friend July 2005, suggestion # 5

Begin teaching "When I Am Baptized" (p. 103) by singing the whole song through for the children. Invite them to watch as you draw the melody line on the chalkboard as you sing it again.

The melody goes up and then comes back down ~ like a rainbow.

Draw two rainbow lines as you sing the first verse.
Invite the children to stand and draw rainbows in the air as they hum the verse.
Have the children close their eyes and visualize falling rain as you sing the up and down melody of the chorus.

Help them pitch-lead "the falling rain" with you as they hum the chorus.

Teach the message of the song by directing the children's listening and asking questions about the message;

For example,

Ask a question before you sing, sing, take responses, and have the children sing with you.

Repeat. Bear your testimony.