(Younger Children)

Preparation-Prepare a jar or box with these questions in them. You can copy and print and cut these questions out. Have the very small children go to the jar and give mom or dad the question.

If you found out that Jesus was coming to your house, how would you get prepared? (Take a bath, get nice, clean clothes on. Make sure your house was clean. Make sure you are thinking good thoughts. Get a nice meal ready for him. Repent. Get rid of any bad music, videos or books)

Now, if Jesus came into your house, how would you act? Would you jump around and scream in a loud voice and throw toys all over? (No, you would go to him, and out of love and respect, you would be quiet and still. You might fold your arms and quiet your feet and listen to him. Because He is the Lord, out of great love and respect, you would honor Him and worship Him. This is reverence)

Opening Song-“Reverently, Quietly” (Children’s Songbook)

Opening Prayer-

Have the children draw out questions and answer them, until you have answered all of them.
Then, tell the following story: Once upon a time thee was a boy named Billy who had a hard time sitting quietly at church. No matter how hard he tried, he would wiggle and giggle and bother his friend sitting next to him. One day he had a lesson about reverence in his family home evening. He felt bad because he really didn’t like going to church because it was so hard from him to sit still. After the lesson he decided he would ask Heavenly Father to help him. That Saturday night, he got his clothes ready and his scriptures laid out so he wouldn’t forget them. He practiced being reverent in his mind a whole bunch of times. He prayed again before he went to church. He wanted Heavenly Father to know that he really loved Him. He became excited about trying to be reverent at church. He went to church on time with his parents and didn’t make them late as he had often done in the past. He sat in the Sacrament meeting and stilled his arms and feet and tried to listen to what was being said. He had a hard time doing this and mother had to remind him once, but he really tried. Then came time for the Sacrament. He closed his eyes and thought of his friend, Jesus, and how He loved him. He felt so much love in his heart for Jesus. He thought of Jesus hanging on the cross; it made him very sad. He took the bread and water. It made him fell happy to belong to the church. Billy was getting a testimony. Billy had never liked church as much as he did that Sunday. He decided that it felt good to be reverent and really tried every Sunday after that. (Melissa Munn)
If your children are very little you can simplify the story and tell it in your own words.

Have the children make a picture of themselves being reverent at church.
If they are too young, just have them color a picture, or you can practice being reverent at church.

Closing Song-“Reverence is more than Just Quietly Sitting” (Children’s Songbook)

Closing Prayer