The Holy Ghost v. 2
by Pia Koch
Make ahead of time:
Make 5 flowers (in the middle of the flowerhead (is that's what you call it?) write: Who, Where, What, Why, When, On the bag of the flowers write these questions:
Bring a story about Prs. Packer and his trip to Africa. (in Danish we have an old book that translated is called: Sharing Time i Primary. The story is in there on pg. 79)
Make wordstrips with the words from the 2nd verse. Later children will later unscramble the wordstrips.
Ask 5 children to come forward one at a time. Let them pick a flower. Read the question that is on the flower. Let the child answer the question. (if the child can not do this, let another child answer.)
  • Who baptized Jesus Christ? (John the baptist)
  • When was Jesus baptized? (The River of Jorden)
  • What is immersion? (to be completely covered by water) 
  • Why was Jesus baptized? (Jesus also had to obey Our Father in Heaven, he was an example for us)
  • When can we be baptized? (When we are 8 years old)
    When we think of these answers, do you know any songs where we can find those answers? (Jesus came to the River Jorden, When I am baptized, The Holy Ghost)
    Sing: Jesus came to the River Jorden & When I am baptized
    Tell the story about  Prs. Packer and his trip to Africa
    When we are baptized, we get the Holy Ghost.
    Sometime we might ignore the Holy Ghost, because we do not BELIVE what he tells us.
    Play hot and cold, while the children sing the 1st. verse of the Holy Ghost.
    Play it a couple of times if time allow it.
    Divide the children into teams. Give each team the 2nd. verse scrambled.
    Give the teams time to unscramble the verse.
    Sing: the 2nd. verse of The Holy Spirit.
    Give the song leader the rest of the time to review the hole song as she feel inspired to.