we renew our baptismal covenants when we take the sacrament
Friend July 2005, suggestion # 4

To teach that we renew our baptismal covenants when we take the sacrament, tell the story "Clean" (Friend, Aug. 1999, 40–43).

My Gospel Standards (see Faith in God guidebook, back cover) help us live our baptismal covenant by reminding us to keep the commandments.

Pick five of My Gospel Standards and write each one on a separate piece of paper.
Choose pictures that illustrate each of them from the GAK or Primary picture packets.
Place the pictures and My Gospel Standards papers facedown on the floor, or tape them facedown on the chalkboard.
Choose children to come up one at a time and turn over any two papers.
When a match of a standard is made to the picture that illustrates it, remove the two papers from the board.
The person who makes the match must tell one way to live that gospel standard.
He or she may then pick another child to choose a song to sing from the Children's Songbook that teaches the gospel standard.

Sing "Choose the Right Way" (pp. 160–61).
Bear testimony of the blessing of repentance and of renewing our baptismal covenant as we take the sacrament each week.

For younger children: For children who can't read, mount each picture and its matching gospel standard on the same color of paper. Sing the songs.