I am thankful
(Friend Dec. 2005, suggestion # 1)


This year we have learned about the plan of salvation and its many blessings.

Using GAK pictures, summarize the principles and accompanying blessings that have been taught each month from the Sharing Time Outline.


Post the pictures on the board.

Remind the children that all over the world, children are learning and living the plan of salvation.

If possible, invite a returned missionary from your ward or branch to share an experience of children living the gospel with joy.


Sing "Children All Over the World" (pp. 16–17).


Divide the children into groups of eight to ten and seat each group in a circle.


Play a game of "Remembering Blessings.":

The first child says, "I am thankful for _______ ."

The second child says "I am thankful for (repeats the response of the first child and adds his own)."

The third child says, "I am thankful for (repeats response of first and second child and adds his own)," and so on.


Invite the children to share the game with their families in family home evening.


Pass out paper stars and crayons to the children and have the children draw one blessing for which they are thankful.

On one of the points of the star, punch a hole and loop a piece of string or ribbon through it. Invite the children to share their Christmas ornament with their families.


Sing "For Thy Bounteous Blessings" (p. 21) in a four-part round.


Bear testimony of the gratitude you feel for Heavenly Father's many blessings and the happiness that comes to you because of the plan of salvation