A missionary now!
(Friend Nov. 2005, suggestiln # 1)

Invite a returned missionary who has been approved by the bishop or branch president to share with the children the joy of missionary work.

Have the returned missionary focus on things that children did in his or her mission to help missionary work and things that each of us can do to be a missionary now.

Sing "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" (p. 168).

Divide the children into three groups and move them from station to station to learn skills that will help them be missionaries now and later.

Station 1:
Explain that the Articles of Faith are brief statements about the Church's basic beliefs. We can teach others about the doctrine of the Church when we know the Articles of Faith. Help the children memorize one of the Articles of Faith (see TNGC, pp. 171–72).

Station 2:
Missionaries must know about and have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Church. Use GAK pictures 402 (Joseph Smith Seeks Wisdom in the Bible), 403 (The First Vision), 404 (Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith in His Room), 406 (Joseph Receives the Gold Plates), 416 (Translating the Book of Mormon), 407 (John the Baptist Conferring the Aaronic Priesthood), and 408 (Melchizedek Priesthood Restoration). Help the children tell the story of the Restoration. For older children, help them find the Joseph Smith story in the Pearl of Great Price (Joseph Smith—History 1).

Station 3:
Missionaries must know what is in the scriptures and how to use them. Look up "Missionary Work" in the Topical Guide and pick eight to ten scriptural references. Write the references on strips of paper and place them in a container. Let the children pick a reference and find it in their scriptures. Read the reference and discuss what is taught about missionary work. Help the children apply it today.

When all the children have been to each station, gather them to sing "The Things I Do" (pp. 170–71).
Bear testimony of the blessings of missionary work.