Workshop Sept. 2005: Counselor's update
(notes by Angie)

All Children are taught of the Lord when
1.  Primary is a safe place
2.  Principles are adapted to fit needs
3.  Leaders strengthen workers
4.  Teach with scriptures & bear testimony

Make Primary a safe place.  We need to support our local Priesthood leaders in what safegaurds they decide to take as a result of the letter sent to the Utah area by Elder Bateman.  THERE IS NO CHURCHWIDE POLICY ON USE OF MEN IN PRIMARY.  We need to be aware of what is happening in Primary.  Have someone in the hall if possible, make sure you are taking steps that you feel inspired about.  Keep your priesthood leader involved as much as possible.

Teach workshop principles and adapt to fit your needs.  Take time to get to know the needs of those in your audience (your teachers, etc.)  Focus on principles that will address those needs.  Base your leadership in doctrines and principles of the gospel.  The procedures we use will be different but the principles should be the same.

Teach and strengthen Primary workers. Give them an orientation.  If correction is needed, always begin by expressing appreciation.  Addressing topics at Primary leadership meetings might be a more gentle approach.  Ask teachers if they are concerned about anything.  Counsel together.  Follow the correct Priesthood line if you have concerns.

Teach with the Spirit.  Teach both about the Savior and by using the Savior's example.  Make personal preparation key.

There was only time for a couple of question/answer.  One was about baptismal programs and gifts, concerns that things are getting too elaborate and not focusing on the ordinance.  There is no program for Primaries to give gifts.  Children should be baptized because of their desire, not for a gift.  If the bishop feels like a gift is in order a better time to give it might be in the interview rather than at the service.  Program should be simple and under Priesthood direction.  They are not under the direction of the family or the Primary (unless the bishop delegates that to you).