Halloween activity
(by Christal Nay)
We had door to door trick or treating in the church house.  It was literally thrown together in just over a week or so.  I just called people and asked them if they could be in charge of a booth or table.  We had all kinds of fun things.
We started off with an opening prayer and then started the carnival.  
THEN we turned them loose to their parents and had trick or treating around the doors of the church house.  
We had people that decorated classrooms elaborately and others that just stood behind the doors and handed out candy.  
During the carnival I ran around and put "KNOCK HERE" signs on all the doors that had people behind them.  
And when I didn't feel like we had enough doors with people behind them I handed the missionaries a bowl or 2 and assigned them to a door.  
Trick or treating took all  of 15- 20 minutes and it was over.  
While they were trick or treating we were cleaning up the cultural hall.  We started the party at 7 and were out of the wardhouse by about 8:30.