I'll follow him in faith
Friend Jan 2003
(by Liz Solomon)


Text – Verse 1 Action
The Lord has blessed me with gospel truth.

Point finger upward
Hands together palm face up like book of scripture
I have learned His ways in my early youth. Point finger to temple
Flat hand, palm down out to side to measure height
I will share my light for I know it’s right Hands point from chest and outstretch ‘to share’
Nod head up & down
To testify of Him Raise right hand to square
The Lord has blessed me with simple faith. Point finger upward
Finger & thumb measure small amount like tiny mustard seed (faith of)
If I pray for help, He will give me strength Fold arms
Clench fist and raise arms to show ‘strength’
I will do His work. I will gladly serve. Press thumb to chest
Point fingers to corners mouth & smile
I’ll follow Him in faith Flat hand, palm down and ‘walk’ in front (follow)
Text – Verse 2 Action
The Lord has blessed me to feel His love Point finger upward
Grab arms across chest and hug yourself
I have felt His promptings and learned to trust. Place flat hand on middle of chest
So in all I do, I’ll be faithful to One hand, palm up slowly sweep out in front from L to R
The things I know are true Point finger to temple
The Lord has blessed me in many ways Point finger upward
Nod head 3 times from L to R
With a thankful heart I will sing His praise Point to heart
Place hands, palm out, each side of mouth to sing
I will raise my voice and proclaim my choice Move flat of hand from mouth up and out
Blow trumpet (L fist to mouth, R fist from L fist to out stretched arm)
I’ll follow Him in faith Flat hand, palm down and ‘walk’ in front (follow)
He has shown the way, and through all my days Flat hand, palm up stationery in front
Flat hand down arc across in front of body from L to R
I’ll follow Him in faith. Flat hands, palms down and ‘walk’ in front