Learning a song is fun to do!
Workshop in Salt Lake Sept. 2005, notes by Angie
We sang "Fun to Do" using a couple of different favorites from the audience.  Then we sang the Hello Song using "Bonjour" instead of "Hello" (and they wore berets, which was cute).  Finally, we sang "I Know My Father Lives" in Spanish.  That really brought the spirit in.  Okay, now back to the rest of the workshop.


Music leaders will better understand how to use music to reinforce gospel principles taught in the scriptures.

F - The "F" in F-U-N reminds us to FOCUS the children's listening. We can focus their listening as we capture their attention and ask
good questions.
"Scripture Power Song Presentation"
How they taught it - 1st verse
Picture of Christ for the first line.
Large scriptures with wordstrips "instructions", "word" on it for next line.
Children standing back to back looking angry, then they turn around and smile and shake hands as the song says they are changing.
2nd verse:
On this song we focused the children's listening by

a) sing phrases of the song to learn the melody,
b) help children learn the meaning of the words,
c)involve children - interact with them and help them apply the principle.

They also pointed out that you can make bookmarks with the moveable "s", maybe in activity days or scouts.


U - The "U" in F-U-N reminds us to USE appropriate teaching methods.

Children love to learn, and learning is fun!  When the truth is taught and the spirit is felt in Primary, all of us rejoice together.  Children learn best when we prayerfully consider their needs, use teaching methods appropriate for their age, and teach gospel principles from the scriptures.

Include Music Leader in Presidency Meeting to Plan Sharing Time
(They did a little role-play here, planning a ST using the outline at the back of the CSMP Outline and with the music leader participating).
Sharing Time should incorporate music.  The presidency plans with the music leader to include songs that will support the gospel principle being taught and actively involve the children.
Use the "Sharing Time planning Work Sheet."  Ask:  

Refer to Teaching - No Greater Call as a resource for teaching methods - use music, listening, pictures, scriptures, key words, word strips, and appropriate learning activities to make Primary fun and to teach gospel principles.

Referred us to pages 158-184 of TNGC for teaching methods.
(Sharing Time Demonstration)
Sing "We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet"
President Hinckley is our guide.
Read scripture D& C 1:38 and explain
Activity:  Picture matching for younger children and scrambled word for older children
Sing "Follow the Prophet" (verse 9)  They did actions for this verse -   easy enough to figure out your own.
Then they did a spinner to teach the second verse about Enoch.  
It had the word "PROPHET" on it - each letter was in a different space, so as you spin you would land on one letter.  On the back of each letter was the name of a prophet in one of the verses of the song.
Of course they wanted to teach verse 2 so all of the letters actually had "Enoch" on the back, but the kids don't need to know that.  Once
they know all the verses this might be fun to really put different names on the back and spin the wheel.
As we spun the wheel the pianist plays the left hand bass accompaniment CS 110 and right hands plays chromatic scale starting from high C and ending at middle C - kind of a game show feel.

Teaching the "Enoch" Verse (referring to pictures of Enoch)

N - the N in F-U-N reminds us to NURTURE children and testimonies. President Hinckley implored, "Let us nurture our children concerning Him whom we call the Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us teach our children the grand saving principles of the gospel."
Welcome children, remember their names and birthdays.
Nurture testimonies of children through music
 Music leaders have a vital role in teaching principles with music as they review songs already taught.