(Friend Nov. 2005, suggestiln # 2)

Begin sharing time with a music clue. Hum or play "When We're Helping" (p. 198) and have the children guess the topic of sharing time.

Helping and serving others makes us happy.
When we serve others, we are sharing the gospel.

Tell the story "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" (Friend, Sept. 2002, 4–6).
In this story, Kyle wanted to be a missionary. He made friends with Pedro and invited him to Primary. Pedro liked the people in Primary and noticed that he felt happy when he was there. Soon, he and his family were taking lessons from the missionaries.

Ask the children to listen for all the ways that Kyle gave service.

Take responses. Using the cube from the sharing time activity in this month's Friend, play a game with the children.
While the pianist plays "When We're Helping," invite a child to roll the cube. It will show a place service could be given ~ for example,

Ask the children to think of something they could do at that place to give service and raise their hand when they are ready. Invite a child to pantomime that service as everyone sings "When We're Helping." (You might want to substitute the word "others" for "mother" in the song.)
The child who guesses the service correctly is the next child to roll the cube. Play the game as time permits.

To bring reverence for the next part of sharing time, sing "Called to Serve" (pp. 174–75).

Emphasize the missionary focus of this song and that we are chosen to "tell the Father's story" and "his love proclaim." We tell Heavenly Father's story and proclaim His love as we live and share the gospel.
Choose four or five pictures from the GAK that show the Savior giving service. Possibilities include:

  • 213 (Jesus Healing the Blind)
  • 216 (Christ and the Children)
  • 226 (Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet)
  • 227 (Jesus Praying in Gethsemane)
  • 233 (Mary and the Resurrected Lord).

Briefly and reverently show the pictures and recount the incomparable service given by Jesus Christ.

Bear testimony of Him and of our opportunity to share the gospel as we serve others.

Sing "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (pp. 78–79).