How to teach Nursery
by Jennifer Turnbull
I have taught 18 month olds out of the manual. It may seem like a daunting task at first but it has become my favorite calling in the church. Those young spirits are so sweet. Pure gospel teaching :-)   Here are some
suggestions for you:
*Use the suggestions for teachers in the front of the book. There is lots of great information there: There’s a whole section on adapting the manual for use in the nursery. A Sample Schedule and a few Sample Suggested Lessons.
*PRAY!!  That’s your biggest help. As you pray about the lesson you will have a confirmation of what little bits to include from the big lesson.
*Keep the actual lesson short. (not the10 min suggested if the kids are young…3-5 min…maybe shorter if the kids are wiggly that day)
*Focus your lesson around the picture. What I would do is put the picture in one of those plastic page protectors and let the kids see up close and touch the picture.
*Music and Fingerplays… They love ‘em!!
*If you still have problems I would ask the member of your presidency over nursery for some suggestions. Possibly as a primary you could ask for some orientation training from your Stake Nursery Leader.