I know my Father lives (CS 5)
Friend February 2006, suggestion # 5
Song presentation:

Teach the song "I Know My Father Lives" (p. 5) by first bearing your testimony of Heavenly Father's love for you.

Then have four helpers hold the words (printed on separate papers):

  1. Lives,
  2. Loves,
  3. Spirit,
  4. True


  • Ask them to stand in different corners of the room (out of order) and repeat their word.
  • Instruct the children to stand, and as they listen to you sing the phrases in the first verse, turn to face the word you're singing about, and echo the phrase.
  • Repeat, having them sing each phrase with you as the helpers hold their signs up high.
  • Let the children tell the helpers where to stand up front, in order, and sing the verse again.
  • Repeat the process with the second verse using the words Sent, Faith, Spirit, and Can.


For younger children: Assign helpers a word to say rather than having them hold the printed word