I can be a missionary now
Friend Oct. 2006, suggestion #  4

Ask the children, "When is the time to be a missionary?"
Tell them that full-time missionaries often knock on people's doors. You are going to knock the answer to that question on the door.

Have the children listen as you knock the rhythm of "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" (p. 168).

Explain that they can be preparing to serve full-time missions and that they can also be missionaries right now. Divide them into four groups. Using stations (see TNGC, 179), have the children learn more about missionary work from an adult leader. Tell them that full-time missionaries travel from place to place.

They will "travel" too. When they hear the knocking on the door, they should travel to the next station.
Each time the children should move, knock the rhythm of "I Want to Be a Missionary Now."

Station 1:
Display several ripe fruits and vegetables. Ask the children one way to know when food is ripe. (It changes color.)
Read D&C 4:3–7 together.
Help the children understand what "the field is white already to harvest" means. (See Friend, Sept. 2002, 4; or Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual [1999], lesson 11, pp. 58–62.)

Station 2:
Pack a suitcase for a missionary.
Have a variety of things that a missionary needs: white shirts, scriptures, watch, walking shoes, umbrella, and so on. Let the children choose items and explain why a missionary will need each of them.

Station 3:
There are many ways to be missionaries.
Use the review activity in the Primary 3 manual, lesson 25, pp. 118–19. The children will listen to statements.
If the statement is a good way to be a missionary, they should stand up. If it is not a good way, they should sit down.

Station 4:
Use a story to show the blessings of missionary work. Invite a returned missionary approved by the bishop or branch president to share a short experience, or use the story told by President Gordon B. Hinckley in "Testimony" (Friend, Oct. 1998, IFC)