I can have courage like Esther
Friend Sept 2006, suggestion # 3

Display the map "The Persian Empire." (This is map 912 in the meetinghouse library or map 12 in the map section of the scriptures.

Print the downloaded map on a transparency, and project it onto a screen using an overhead projector.)
Explain that the Persian Empire was very large.
To give the children an idea of how large, compare the land area to something with which they are familiar.
For example, you could say, "The Persian Empire was almost as large as the continental United States."

Place a star on the city of Susa (also called Shushan), and explain that the star represents two things:

  1. Susa was the capital of the Persian Empire, and
  2. it was the home of Esther. Esther's name means "star."

Explain that Esther's name was appropriate because she was a guide to her people.

Invite the children to listen as you tell Esther's story (see Esther 4–5).
Focus on how she risked her life by going before the king, asked the people to fast for her, and submitted to the Lord's will when she said, "If I perish, I perish" (Esther 4:16).

Ask the children what Esther did to be an example to her people

Sing "I Am like a Star" (p. 163).

Tell the children that they can be like stars when they have courage like Esther. Ask them what they could do and what they could say to show the kind of courage Esther had. Alternate between what the children can do ("I can invite a friend to Primary" or "I can turn off a television show that isn't appropriate") and what they can say ("I don't think the words to this song are very good. Let's listen to something else" or "Let's include Joey in our baseball game. He looks lonely.").