I can love and serve others
Friend Oct. 2006, suggestion # 3

Tell the children that they are going to learn an important sentence.

Ask them to follow the actions with you, and then you will all repeat the sentence together.

"Love (raise one hand)
and serve (raise the other hand)
go hand in hand (clasp hands together)."

You may want to wear gloves labeled "love" and "serve."
Explain to the children that when we love people we want to serve them, and when we serve people we come to love them.

Before Primary prepare six handprints labeled with the following scriptures:

  1. Deuteronomy 10:12;
  2. Joshua 22:5;
  3. Galatians 5:13;
  4. Mosiah 4:15;
  5. Moroni 7:13;
  6. D&C 20:19.

Place the handprints around the room. Have the children take turns choosing a handprint and looking up the scripture. Invite the children to raise one hand when they hear the word love and then the other hand when they hear the word serve.

Sing "When We're Helping" (p.198) and "Love One Another" (p. 136) in a round.

Have the children help each other trace their handprints onto pieces of paper. Label the hands "love" and "serve."

For younger children:
Ask the children to draw a picture on each hand of how they can love and serve. Have the children fold the paper in half so that their hands can go "hand in hand."

For older children:
Have the children write something they can do to love and serve others on each finger. Ask them to choose one of the things they have written to do that day.