I can receive comfort when I read the scriptures
Friend Sept 2006, suggestion # 2


Use an object lesson (see TNGC, 163–64) to teach how we can receive comfort.
Invite an adult to portray one of the people of Alma from Mosiah 24:8–15.
Have him or her bring a backpack or other carrier and retell the story.

Give the children a piece of paper and a pencil, and ask them to write a trial or challenge that children face today, such as immodest clothing, inappropriate media, and so on.

They might write something like "Sometimes school seems hard," "I get sick," or "Sometimes I am sad." (Younger children can draw pictures of the trials.)

As the children share the trial, have them wrap the paper around a small rock and place it in the backpack.

Pass the backpack to some of the children. Discuss ways Heavenly Father helps them with their trials.
With each suggestion, remove several rocks. Pass the backpack again.

Sing "Jesus Is Our Loving Friend" (p. 58).

Explain that Jesus will always help us and comfort us when we face challenges. Testify of the comfort you have received.