When I have faith, I can be guided and receive courage to choose the right
Friend Sept 2006, suggestion # 4

Ahead of time, invite two priesthood brethren approved by the bishop or branch president to come to Primary prepared to tell the following scripture stories:

  1. the story of the Liahona guiding the ship toward the promised land (see 1 Nephi 18:8–22) and
  2. the story of Lehi's dream and the iron rod that leads the people to the tree of life (see 1 Nephi 8).

Ask the children what the people had to do to show faith and receive guidance from the Liahona and the iron rod. List their suggestions on the board. What are the Liahona and iron rod of our day?

Have the children read Alma 37:44 and 1 Nephi 11:25 (words of Christ, word of God).

Tell the children that you are going to give them music clues to answer that question. For each of the following songs, play the first few measures, and let the children guess the song and its message.
The message will tell us where we must look to hear the words of Christ:

Refer to the list on the board, and point out that we must do the same things to be guided today as did the people of Nephi. Our obedience is a measure of our faith.

Tell of a time when you have been led by the words of Christ, and bear testimony of the power of faith in receiving and following the guidance of the Lord.