Easter singing time
by Luana
I found a nice little article from the Friend that I took this from: Sharing Time: When He Comes Again Friend, Dec. 1999.
I took out a couple of things because I don't want to talk too much, but other than that no words have been changed.  I did add the songs, though.  I really like the way this was written.


Opening/Closing Song:  I Believe in Christ    Hymn # 134

At Christmastime our thoughts and hearts turn to a little Baby born in Bethlehem.  We sing songs about the birth of Jesus. We send cards to each other expressing our joy that He came to earth. We set up nativity scenes with shepherds and Wise Men and Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus to remind us that Jesus came to this world as a baby and to celebrate this great event.

SING:  Sleep Little Jesus  p. 47
The birth of a baby is a wonderful thing, but we celebrate the Savior's birth for a very special reason. It has to do with Easter. Without the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate at Easter, no one would celebrate Christmas.
SING:  He Sent His Son  p. 34
Baby Jesus was the One all the prophets promised would come into the world to be our Savior and Redeemer. He came to earth to show us how to live. He came to earth to die for us so that we could live again with our Father in Heaven. We are so grateful to Jesus Christ for what He did for us that we honor His birth by celebrating Christmas. With great joy, we also honor His resurrection by celebrating Easter.
SING:  Did Jesus Really Live Again?  p. 64
There is another day we are going to celebrate: the day when Jesus Christ will return to earth. Hosts of angels will be with Him then, too. The same Jesus who was born in Bethlehem, was crucified, and was resurrected, will come to earth again.
SING:  I Wonder When He Comes Again  p. 82
When the Savior comes again, He will bring peace for the nations. He will bring safety and joy for all the righteous. Those who love Him will be prepared to meet Him at that day. We can prepare now by keeping His commandments and by following His example. We can prepare by showing love for others and by listening to the whisperings of the Spirit.
SING:  I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus  p. 78
Extra Songs:  
On A Golden Springtime  p. 88,
To Think About Jesus  p. 71