Hats off to mothers
Friend May 1983, songs added by Liz, AZ
I thought I would share my ideas of what I'm planning to do for Mothers day in sacrament.
What I decided to do was teach an easy song, "Mother Dear" and then have certain children recite  and wear a hat to a part of a poem called Hat Off to Mothers by  Janice Gardiner Wright. 

The poem and visual can be found in the Friend May 1983 Sharing Time: Remember Mother.  
During music time for mothers day I plan on making the hats and poster by putting songs that correspond with each hat description.  


  1. My mommy's a nurse who fixes and patches
    All of my hurts and my sores and my scratches.
  2. My mother's a chef who fixes each dinner
    Fit for a king-a blue ribbon winner!
  3. My mom's a chauffeur who drives pretty slow
    But gets me to places where I need to go.
  4. My mom's a detective, and none is greater
    At getting the truth from me sooner or later.
  5. My mommy's a gardner and works really hard,
    Planting and weeding and grooming our yard.
  6. My mother's a maid-at least that's what she said-
    'cause she cleans up the house and makes every bed.
  7. My mothers an angel-a queen in disguise-
    who teaches the gospel with tears in her eyes.
    Today take these hats off, and please wear no other,
    Let me do your work, to show I LOVE YOU, MOTHER!

Here are the songs I chose to go with each hat:

nurse hat- Head Shoulder Knees and Toes p. 275
chefs hat-popcorn popping p. 242
taxi hat- I Love to see the Temple p.95
detective hat- I Believe in Being Honest p. 149
gardners hat- Little Purple Pansies p. 244
maids hat- When my Mother Calls Me p. 197
Queens Hat- Mother Dear p. 206