The Ten Commandments
Primary manuel 6, lesson # 21, Attention Activity

Without providing instructions, give the children a list of ingredients and ask them how they would use them to make a cake. When they start asking questions about how to make the cake, explain that instructions are necessary to be able to do what you asked them. Then discuss how rules and laws are like instructions. Explain that the children could make a cake even if they didn’t follow instructions, but they might not want to eat it. But if they carefully followed the instructions of a good recipe, the cake would be good to eat.

Explain that rules are necessary in other aspects of our lives. Ask the children to name some rules we should follow to be safe, to have good health, to have good relationships with others, or to have eternal life. Point out that rules bring order into our lives and are necessary for us to know how to live happily. Tell the children that in this lesson they will learn about Moses and the children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments, which are laws given by God to help us know what to do and how to live so we can be happy.