Dearest Children, God is near you
by Shanne, UT
Today, to introduce Dearest Children, I typed the song, in a script font, as a letter.  I put it inside of a Global Priority Mail envelope and sealed it.  
I addressed it to the ward primary.  I told the children I had received an important letter but there was no return address so I didn't know who it was from.  I asked them if we should open the letter and see who had sent it.  (They all agreed we should open it!)  The letter had "Love," at the bottom but with no signature.  I asked the children to listen to the letter as I read it,  to see if they could decide who wrote it.

After I read the letter someone in Senior Primary suggested that the Holy Spirit might have written the letter.  We talked about how the Holy Spirit may have influenced the writer.  I then took out the hymn book and turned to the song.  I showed them where Charles Walker had written the letter to them.  I told them about how he was a grown up and had gotten tired during a sacrament meeting.  I asked if sacrament meeting had ever gotten long for them and they'd needed to get out a pen and paper and draw or write.  I told them that Charles had taken a paper and pen and written them a letter.  I added that John Macfarlane found out about the letter that Charles had written during sacrament meeting and asked if he could write some music for the letter so it could become a song.  Then we listened to the music as I read the first verse again.  Then I used the wonderful flip chart sent by the dear sister in the group and we sang the song.

When I presented the letter again in Jr. Primary (I made two so I could really open the letter for them as well) and they were asked to listen for the author I had hands up before I got through the first verse.  When I was finished they agreed that either Heavenly Father or a Prophet had written the letter.  I told both groups that the song sounded very much to me like a letter from my Heavenly Father reminding me how much he cares for me and how we wants me to keep the commandments so he can bless me.  I hoped it sounded that way to them as well.