Primary Handbook Chase
Kimberly Roeder
  1. What should be discussed in ward Primary presidency meetings? (pg. 234)
  2. What are the responsibilities of the ward bishopric member in regards to Primary? (pgs. 230 - 231)
  3. How often should ward Primary presidency members visit with teachers and attend classes? (pg. 231)
  4. Where do the funds for 11 year old scout day camp and nursery snacks come from? (pg. 238)
  5. What are the guidelines for food in Primary? (pg. 239)
  6. Where can you find the list of church approved materials? (pg. 239)
  7. How do you know if what you have is church approved?  ( By logo on back of product!)
  8. Where do you get information regarding scouting in the church? (pg. 237)
  9. What is recommended for Primary Leadership in small Primary units? (pg.237)
  10. What are the roles of the ward Primary teachers? Do they know what their roles are? (pg. 232)
  11. How often does the bishopric counselor meet with the Primary presidency? (pg. 234)
  12. Are others ever invited to presidency meetings? (pg. 234)
  13. How often, if possible, should ward Primary presidencies meet? (pg. 233)
  14. Who's involved in activity days planning? (pg. 237)
  15. Should baptism gifts come from the Primary leaders and teachers? (pg. 238)
  16. Should YM/YW serve in Primary? (pg. 238)
  17. Can a teacher over 8 - 11 year old girls serve as an Achievement Days leader? Can a teacher of 11 year old boys serve as 11 year old Scout Leader? (pg. 232)
  18. How do we handle competition in Primary? (pg. 238)
  19. How long is sharing time? (pg. 235) What does it include? (CSMP guide pg. 1)
  20. Who visits the Valiant 11 classes prior to any children turning 12 years old each year? (pg. 236)
  21. Is there such a thing as Ward Primary Leadership Meeting? (pg. 234)