Tell me, Dear Lord
by Becky


Text Gospel Art Kit picture # Why that picture
"Tell me, Dear Lord, in thine own way I pray" "Tell me, Dear Lord, in thine own way I pray" picture of Jesus praying in his way
"What thou wouldst have me say and do today" #114 - Daniel refusing king's meat Daniel was doing what the Lord wants
"Teach me to know and love thy will, O Lord" #212 - Sermon on the Mount Jesus teaching
"Help me to understand thy loving word" #402 - Joseph Smith reading Bible Joseph later prayed for understanding of Bible
"I would be guided by thy loving hand" #302 - Lehi & Liahona Liahona provided guidance
"Would hear thy voice, obey thy blest command" #219 - Jesus with Mary & Martha Mary & Martha heard Jesus' voice
"Each moment just to know that thou art near" #213  - Jesus healing blind man Jesus was there for the blind man
"Will strength impart and banish every fear" #112 - David & Goliath David was given strength and courage