Using Extra Time Wisely
by Pam

If you finish your prepared lesson before the class time is over, you may want to improvise an activity to fill the rest of the time. The following suggestions can help you use this time effectively:

1.  Have some of the children talk about their favorite scripture stories.

2.  Conduct a scripture search by giving the children clues to important scripture references they have already marked. Let them work in pairs or small groups to locate the correct passage of scripture.

3.  Help the children memorize a scripture from the lesson or an article of faith that pertains to the lesson.

4.  Have the children share ideas about how they can use the principles from the lesson at home, in school, and with their friends.

5.  Divide the class into groups, and have the children take turns asking each other questions about the lesson.

6.  Have each child draw a picture related to the lesson or print a quotation to take home and display as a reminder of the purpose of the lesson.

7.  Invite the children to mark scripture references for future study. You might ask the children to mark verses from the lesson that they particularly like, or you could suggest verses that you think will remind the children of the purpose of the lesson.

8.  Help the children memorize the order of the books in the scriptures. You can find the books of the scriptures set to music in the Children's Songbook (pp. 114, 116, 119).

9.  Review principles or scripture stories from previous lessons.