Book of Mormon prophets foretold the birth of Jesus Christ
Friend Dec. 2006, suggestion #  2

Ask the children how they would feel if, when the sun went down, it did not get dark. Ask them how they would feel if the prophet told them that one day the sun would go down and it would not get dark.

Would they be less frightened?
Tell them that this happened and that they will find out more about it in the scriptures.

Help the children locate "Jesus Christ, First Coming of" in the index to the Book of Mormon (p. 178).
Tell them that even though Jesus did not live on the American continent when He had a mortal body, Book of Mormon prophets still prophesied of Him. Review Isaiah 9:6, and show them how to locate the same scripture in the Book of Mormon by using the index (2 Nephi 19:6).

Play a matching game by pairing Book of Mormon prophets who testified of the Savior with the scripture that records their prophecies.

You may want to add pictures of each of these prophets from the GAK or from the Primary 4 picture packet. Have the children read the prophecy and make a match.


For younger children:
Display pictures of the same five prophets. Allow five children to wear simple costumes depicting the prophets mentioned.
Read the prophecy from the scriptures.
Let the children guess which prophet each child is representing.

Read Helaman 14:3–4. Explain that because Christ is the Light of the World, having light even when the sun was not shining was an appropriate sign for His birth.

Sing "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus" (p. 36). Have the children notice how the first verse, when the people are waiting for Jesus, sounds a little bit sad.
But the chorus, when the people realize that the Lord is born, sounds joyful.
Ask the children to sound joyful when they sing the chorus.

Testify that Jesus came into the world to be an example and to atone for the sins of all people