Isaiah Prophesies of the Savior
Friend Dec. 2006, suggestion #  1


Tell the children that you will ask them a question with music and they will raise their hands when they know the answer.

Point out the similarities between the two pictures. Explain that the man who is writing in the first picture is Isaiah. Isaiah saw the birth of the Savior in a vision hundreds of years before the Savior was actually born.

Isaiah used other titles for Jesus Christ. Display wordstrips with scrambled letters of the following words:

Divide the children into five groups. Give each group a wordstrip, telling them how many words are in that title and what letter the word or words start with. Because the puzzles may be difficult, give them hints. As the children solve the puzzles, write the correct word(s) on the back of the wordstrips.

Display the five titles.
Have them put the wordstrips in order by looking up Isaiah 9:6. Help the children understand what each word means and how it is an appropriate title for Jesus Christ. For example,

Jesus is "wonderful" because He performed many miracles—wonders—while He was on the earth.

Ask the children to listen for other titles of Jesus Christ as they sing "The Shepherd's Carol" (p. 40). Have them stand whenever they hear a word that refers to Jesus.

Divide the children into groups to sing a round.

Bear testimony that Jesus came to the earth as the literal Son of God