Apostle activity day
by Kathy Nielsen, Tooele Ut.

We just did a wonderful quarterly activity around the apostles.  We wanted the children to know who they were & that they enjoy many of the same things we do.


For our invitation we dug up tree shoots from the mountain trails, after getting permission.  We planted them in a cup & attached a note that said Pres Hinckley likes to plant trees so here is a tree for your family to plant together.  Remember to join us at our activity on…..,

Many of the apostles had more than one thing in common so you can decide what you want to highlight about them.




We started off singing follow the prophet.  Several children were picked to be the leader & they lead the other children all over the gym.


We had 5 stations (I posted pictures at each station of which apostles was being represented):


  1. Fishing pond:
    Stocked with bags of gold fish crackers. 
    Elder Monson, Elder Oaks & Elder Ballard all like to fish

  2. Painting: 
    I bought little paint sets that you would give for birthday favors.  We had q-tips available just encase the brushes didn’t work well.  Ice cube trays were filled with water to help minimize the mess.  
    Elder Packer, Elder Scott & Elder Eyring all love to paint.

  3. Gardening:
    We cut up egg cartons so each child could plant 4 seeds. After we watered them we place them in Ziploc bags to keep the dirt confined.  Hand wipes were also at this station to clean the potting soil from their hands. 
    Elder Faust & Elder Perry enjoy gardening.

  4. Paper airplanes:
    The children all got to make a paper airplane & then decorate them with stickers.  After they were finished the gym was a buzz with all their airplanes flying.  Since they normally can’t fly airplanes in church this was a real treat!

  5. Notebooks:
    We had some notebooks the children could take & maybe someday they could be authors as many of the apostles are. 



Elder Wirthlin likes to walk & we do that everyday.  Elder Holland enjoys athletics & Elder Nelson loves music. 
I think we subtly were able to include them in our activity also.


We all had a great time.  The only thing I would have changed would be to have more adult helpers.  The few who were there were pretty tied down to their stations & at times extra hands would have been appreciated.