Follow the prophet (CS 110)
Friend June 2001, suggestion # 6
If desired, this song presentation may be done in stages throughout the month.

Each week, choose three of the prophets from the song.
Write several questions for the children to answer about each prophet. For example:


Cut out as many musical notes as you have questions about the prophets.
Use a different color of paper for each prophet.

Write a question on the back of each note.
Place the notes on the floor, question-side down, at the front of the Primary room.
In advance, ask three children to represent one of the selected prophets.

The week before, give them the answers to the questions about each one's prophet to study.
Have the three children stand at the front of the room, holding pictures of the prophets they represent.
Have the other Primary children take turns tossing a beanbag onto the notes on the floor.
When the beanbag lands on a note, the child who threw the beanbag turns the note over and asks the question written on it.
The child representing the prophet answers the question or gets his or her class to help answer it.
After all the questions have been answered, sing the verses of "Follow the Prophet" that apply to the prophets just learned about.

You may wish to have the child representing the prophet lead the singing for that prophet's verse