Follow the prophet, Sr.
by Harriet

I based my sharing time on the Follow the Prophet song.  I found a wonderful idea from a music site where they made a board out of cardboard with eight holes in it. 
Cover the holes with tissue paper.  Tape a cup behind each hole and put a clue inside each cup. 
The children will push their hands through the tissue into the cup to get a clue about a prophet. 
The clues inside each cup for each prophet are as follows:

Adam: tiny plastic fruit or a picture of a fruit to represent the forbidden fruit
Enoch: Tiny picture of a city to represent the whole city being translated
Noah: tiny ark or picture of ark, or tiny plastic animal
Abraham: tiny star or picture of lots of stars
Moses: tiny picture of Egyptian
Samuel: tiny plastic toddler or picture of three or four year old
Jonah: tiny whale
Daniel: tiny lion


Now choose a child to pick a hole and push his hand through to get the clue, once he has the clue he has to try to figure out which prophet this clue represents, his friends can help him. 

I’m going to have pictures tacked up on the corkboard of each of the eight prophets and when a child pushes his hand through the hole and gets the clue they will have to decide which of the pictures of the prophets goes with the clue.
Once we figure out which prophet, I will tack up a sheet of paper with a couple fill-in-the blank questions. 
We will go over the questions together and answer them. 
I will have the scripture references there for them so they can quickly look up answers using their scriptures.
Then they will sing that verse of the Follow the Prophet song. 
I kind of based my questions on the verse of the song so that they would understand the meaning behind the verses more. 

Here are my questions:

Moses 5:6






Jonah 1