Mighty Missionary Activity
By Janferay

We just had our "Mighty Missionary Activity" and this is what we did. Kids loved it, great success, easy to prepare…

#1 – Letter Room:
They wrote letters, coloured pictures and talked/sang onto a tape for the missionaries serving from our ward. (The ward agreed to pay our postage costs).

#2 – Kitchen.
They made missionary cookies for the Elders serving in our ward, but it went along with a "lesson" on the qualities a
missionary needs to be effective. E.g. the flour was love, choc chips was prayer etc.. We gave the cookies to the Elders during dinner.

#3 – Missonary for a day.
The Elders ran this room. The took the kids through their day. Wake Up = welcome to room, Exercise = star jumps, Get dressed = learn to tie a tie, personal study = scripture story, breakfast = a piece of cereal, comp study = scripture chase with a buddy, proselyte = role played ways kids could share gospel, lunch = a piece of fairy bread, proselyte = video clip from called to serve, dinner = chocolate fish, proselyte/planning = learn firm hand shake/approach people, journal/personal time = (they were going to write a journal entry about their "day" but I don't know if they had enough time so not sure what they did here), Bed time = move off to next activity. I did see them showing them how they baptise people so they probably discussed a lot of other stuff I didn't see…

#4 – Relay in Rec Hall.
We split the group into 2 teams and had them race each other (no prize) around a missionary inspired course. They raced on their knees (like praying) - got dressed in a man's suit jacket, pants, backpack, tie and scriptures – 'pinned' a tie or badge onto a missionary picture – knocked on door and gave an adult the scriptures – took off suit – got on bike with helmet on – picked up a pass-along card and took it to a mailbox – picked up a toy dog and put it behind a gate – rode to the stop sign and got off the bike – raced around a cone to the finish. They went through this twice each `cause we had the time. We had adults stationed around the gym and they took the items back to their starting point in time for the next child to come through.

Then we had dinner – chips and sausages and ice cream. Fun.
Our budget was spent mostly on food.

Janferay - PP