Search, ponder and pray (CS 109)
Friend Aug 2006, suggestion # 5

"Search, Ponder, and Pray" (p. 109).

Before Primary write "Search, Ponder, and Pray" on a piece of paper, and place it inconspicuously in the room.
Tell the children you have written on a paper the way to get a testimony.

Ask them to listen as a helper finds the paper.
You are going to sing louder as the helper gets closer to the paper, softer when the helper is farther away.
When the paper is found, sing the words and clap the rhythm to the first line of the chorus: "Search, ponder, and pray are the things that I must do."

Ask the children to sing and clap with you. Focus their listening by asking them to discover two words that rhyme as you sing the rest of the chorus (guide, inside), and have them sing the chorus.

Ask the children to find two more words in the chorus that rhyme, but explain that these words might be harder to find because they are not near each other like guide and inside are.

Sing the chorus with the children, and take their responses (do, true).

Ask them to listen to the verse and find what happens every time you read the scriptures.
Sing one more time. Invite the children to look up Moroni 10:3–4, which is sometimes called "Moroni's promise." This is one of the last things that Moroni wrote, and it is very important.
As you read, ask the children to listen for words that are the same or mean the same as search, ponder, and pray.

Point out that reading is one way of searching. Moroni exhorts us, or encourages us, to ponder just as the song does.

Finally, the way we "ask God" is to pray.

Using different words, Moroni's promise tells how to gain a testimony.

Bear your testimony of the scriptures. Tell the children that if they will search, ponder, and pray about the scriptures, they can have a testimony that they are true