Tell Me, Dear Lod (CS 176)
Friend July 2006, suggestion # 5

This song is actually a prayer with a melody.
When we pray to Heavenly Father we use special words, or "prayer language," to show Him honor and love.

Ask the children to listen for those words as you sing the song.
Write on the board as the children recall the words thine, thou, and thy.

Refer to these words as you continue teaching the song.

Sing the first line together.

Continue teaching the song the same way with each line. Say, "We are asking for guidance in something today. What is it?"

Sing the second line, have them echo and respond ("what thou would'st have me say and do").

Sing the third line. Have them echo and respond ("to know and love thy will").

Sing the last line. Have them echo and respond ("thy loving word").

Sing the whole song, share D&C 112:10, and testify that prayers are answered