Wearing white in activities

This is part of a letter sendt to "All Temple Presidents" , November 17, 2004 by Ronald A. Rasband, Executive Director

Please ask your bishop or stakeleaders for a copy of the letter if you need it.
Conny Hillgaard


Wearing of White. Non-ceremonial Clothing Outside the Temple

"The Temple Department continues to hear reports of events where the white, nonceremonial clothing is being worn outside the temple and where the sacred
symbolism of temple ordinances is being spoken of publicly. Such events have
included a stake presidency dressed in white for a session of stake conference, appearances on handcart treks and at firesides, and participation in an activity depicting an airplane crash where the passengers end up in a room full of people dressed in white.

The white, non-ceremonial clothing worn in the temple is a reminder not only of the purity required of those who participate in the sacred work of the temple, but also of the special and sacred place in which that work takes place. Such clothing should always be treated with great respect and never allowed to become commonplace"