As I follow Jesus Christ in faith
CSMP-booklet 2007 Dec. week 4

As I follow Jesus Christ in faith, I prepare myself for the Second Coming (Matthew 25:1–13; D&C 45:56–59; 39:20–24).

Tell the children that no one knows when the Savior will come again but that as we follow Him in faith, we can prepare to receive Him when He comes again.

Display pictures that go with the eight songs from this year’s children’s sacrament meeting presentation.

Have the pianist play a few notes from one of the songs, adding one note at a time until a child recognizes it.

Ask that child’s class to name the song, match it to the picture, and tell one thing the song teaches about preparing for the Savior’s Second Coming. Sing the song.

Bear testimony of that principle, and repeat for the other songs.