I will show my gratitude
CSMP-booklet 2007 Oct. week 4

Help the children memorize John 14:15 (see “Memorization,” TNGC, 171–72).

Write on the chalkboard I show gratitude and love when I obey, and use teaching stations to teach this truth (see “Stations,” TNGC, 179).

Station 1:
Tell the story of Nephi going back to get the brass plates (1 Nephi 3– 4).
Sing “Dare to Do Right” (CS, 158).

Station 2:
Have the children draw a picture of a commandment they will keep, sign their name on the bottom or back of the picture, and put it in a book for the bishop.

Station 3:
Write the word Gratitude on the chalkboard.
Ask the children to think of ways to show gratitude that begin with each letter of the word.
Sing “Choose the Right” (Hymns, no. 239).